AKERA collaborates with clients to create effectual claims administration solutions. Our client focus is corporate self-insurers, state guaranty funds, insurers and alternative risk solutions/captive insurance companies. Our product focus is workers’ compensation, including federal programs such as black lung; disability; and general and automobile liability. We diligently work to deliver those solutions with the upmost integrity and respect.

Workers’ Compensation

Despite best efforts, work related injuries and illnesses occur. AKERA works diligently, and with compassion, to assist the injured employee and their employer. From prompt reporting, treatment plans, family concerns, rehabilitation, alternative duty, early return to work, nurse case management, medical networks, medical bill review and pharmacy benefit management, – step by step, AKERA is there, working diligently to affect the best possible outcome.

AKERA understands accident prevention and lessons learned are of great importance to our clients. To assist in this effort, our systems provide clients with robust, customized and real-time analytics. This information is a key tool in determining causal factors and patterns, such unsafe acts and/or unsafe conditions. Information, on both a macro or micro level, is critical to managing injuries that have occurred, and preventing potential injuries.


For non-work related employee injury and illness, AKERA assists clients in the administration and adjudication of both short- and long-term employee disability programs. The inability to work as a result of unexpected non-work-related injury or illness can prove to be very upsetting and difficult for employees. AKERA offers compassionate claims management services that assist employees during a difficult time in their lives, not only with communication of benefits, but the availability of corporate wellness offerings and assistance.


In addition to our expertise in Workers’ Compensation and Disability Claims Akera Claims Solutions is positioned to offer clients exceptional claims service for General Liability and Auto Liability exposures. Our experience allows us to investigate and mitigate your claims no matter how large or how small. If you are fully insured or retain part or all of your risk, we can tailor a program to meet you and your exposures. We will walk with you through every step of the process from the time the claim is reported until it is resolved.